Sim Tron Doi

To help customers enjoy the offer without having concern about the SIM validity, we bring a new product Tron Doi SIM with a huge of attractive offers:

Only 50,000 VND/month customers will receive the bonus as below:


High-speed data: 6GB/day (180 GB/month) (Fair usage policy applies)

Free on-net calls

Texting fee: 400d/SMS

Voice fee: 2.000d/minute

Also, get 3GB high-speed data for 1-year use


Other add-on packages:


  • V3 voice package 3 minutes to call off-net/day (3K/day)
  • Syntax: DK V3 sends 242


  • Data TD3 package with 3GB of 1-year expiry (15K)
  • Syntax: DK TD3 send 345


  • Data D10 package with 4GB / day (10K/day)
  • Syntax: DK D10 sends 345


  • Data D30 with 12GB/week (30K/week)
  • Syntax: DK D30 sends 345