Revenue Assurance Manager
Location: Ha Noi
Published date: 2018-05-28 07:13:37

What we can offer:
- Healthy Insurance
- 12 day paid leave

Job description:
Billing & Charging Integrity Assurance
Ø  Ensuring the integrity of the billing stream or charging mechanism by developing end to end monitoring and controlling process. Includes mechanism to audit the passage of records from network system to the billing system.
Ø  To do investigation on identified error or leakage to find out the revenue leakage root cause. And escalate to related department to do further investigation or fix the leakage root cause.
Product / System Assurance
Ø  Identify/investigate instances of possible revenue loss in relation with any new product innovation from other Department (Marketing, Business Solution, VAS, ICR, etc) and or system development from network/IT department and other new ideas. Such investigation may include examination of elements of the billing process, network configuration, product offering scheme, CDR/EDR generation processes, internal or external fraud.
Ø  Proactive involvement in any revenue impacting change across the company (i.e. new products, system, switches...)
Fraud Prevention
Ø  Ensure an effective process exists for fraud prevention and detection.
Ø  Perform monitoring, controlling, investigation and take action on suspected fraud case.
Billing QA
Ø  Monitor and control on existing operation process on bill produce to ensure the correctness of customers’ billed and timely submitting customers
Automated Tools
Ø  Implement revenue assurance tools to provide early detection of revenue leakage and easier detection of discrepancies between billing /network element / financial report.
Policy & Procedure
Ø  Develop Revenue Assurance and Fraud policy & procedure.
Ø  Review and sharing thought on other cross function policy and procedure.
Ø  Implement Fraud Management System tools  to provide early detection of potential fraud exposure
Ø  Traffic and Revenue Assurance analysis /diagnostic
Ø  Review daily Billing performance report (BFT and incident list)
Ø  Daily monitoring and analysis on all revenue stream traffics both from Billing and Network side (Finance KPI, EWT-MIS report, network performance report, RA daily KPI report and TechM product report)
Ø  Identify abnormality symptom and correlate with Billing or Network Issue
Ø  Requesting detail data to other related department and perform further investigation, verification and validation to find out the hint or root cause of suspected issue/abnormality
Ø  Liaise and escalating finding to Billing and Network and following up the remediation action
Job requirements:
Qualifications & Experience
Ø  University Graduate majoring in Finance, Engineering or IT
Ø  Experience in consulting or telecommunication company for more than 8 years specializing
Knowledge and Skills
Ø  Analytical & Strong Conceptual thinking.
Ø  Strong analytical skill.
Ø  Good understanding in end to end processes related to revenue stream in Mobile Telecommunication
Ø  Managerial skill
Ø  Able to combine the financial knowledge with the technical perspective
Ø  Good Writing skill
Ø  Familiarity Windows application
Ø  Excellent in writing and verbal communication skills (English +Vietnamese)