SIM Pizza

Vietnamobile will treat you a super delicious pizza and you can freely choose your flavors. Let’s express your creativity with Vietnamobile now!

What is Pizza Sim?

PIZZA SIM is DIY (do it yourself) SIM that allows users to design their own mobile usage plans based on needs. Unlike other designed prepaid packages, which contain unnecessary services, PIZZA SIM offers you flexible choices with 7 additional options for SMS, data or value-added.

1. Applying in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh:

  • The tariff for cross-network call is 990VND/minute (6 months promotion for internal area call)
  • 3 months free surfing Facebook, Zalo & exclusive music application MOOV, and free 300MB data/month (during 3 months)

2. Applying in other provinces:

  • The tariff for cross-network call is 680VND/minute (6 months promotion for internal area call)
  • Free surfing Facebook, Zalo and free 200MB/month (during 3 months)

***To maintain monthly promotion, customers need to top-up 10,000VND/month

How to “choose flavors”?

Press *222#OK to view the menu with “super delicious” service packages.

1. “Bolognese pizza” talking

Customers will be free to choose unlimited tariff plans based on their needs.
Package Group Night Day
Promotion Free calls register the same package  Free on-net calls from 9p.m to 6a.m daily Free on-net calls from 6a.m to 9p.m daily
Register Syntax Type NHOM send to 222 Type DEM send to 222  Type NGAY send to 222
Tariff 2,000VND/day  15,000VND/month  20,000VND/month 
Remark Programs apply for customers using PIZZA SIM

2. “Burning hot” texting

  • Promotion: Free 1,000 on-net SMS monthly
  • Tariff: 10,000VND
  • Register: Type SMS send to 222
  • Programs apply for customers using PIZZA SIM and the package will be automatically renewed

3. “Spanking” web browsing

Package Day Night
Promotion 1 GB/day 1,6GB/month
Register Syntax  Type D3 send to 222     Type M50 send to 222
Tariff 3,000 VND/day  50,000 VND/month

4. “Assorted” entertainments – Value-added service

Promotions for value-added service packages with only 10,000VND/month of free using:
Value-added service packages:

  • Missed call service
  • Music
  • Video
  • Sport news
  • Winning service
  • Register: Type VAS send to 222 and follow the instruction