New Data plan vFlex

vFlex (3G) orientates young users whose common thing is that they usually go on Facebook, Zalo or Internet to read news and tend to spend not too much money on 3G.

The starting price is 15.000VND for 2GB – 3G, which is the cheapest price in the market today. Afterward, with an additional cost, 15.000/2GB, customers can expand their 3G capacity, which is limited to a maximum of 5GB.

This allows users to spend their money more wisely; They will feel more satisfied now that they can control and adjust their 3G amount spent but don’t worry too much the extra costs. Besides, vFlex is accompanied by special offers such as free access to Facebook, unlimited capacity of normal speed (2G) and warning messages when users need to pay for the additional capacity.

Detail policy:

  1. Register: DK vFlex send 345 or *702*1#
  2. Register fee: 15,000đ/2GB
  3. Free Facebook access
  4. Validity: 30 days
  5. After each 2GB, auto charged 15,000d and add 2GB to data balance
  6. Maximum 10GB high speed access/30 days. After 10GB, free access with normal speed
  7. Package will be auto renewed after 30 days