Voice Mail Service

NO MISSED CALLS, NO MISSED INFORMATION When your mobile phone is switched off, busy or when you are unreachable and cannot take a call, Voice Mail is an answering machine for your mobile phone, it will automatically answer and take message. After that, you can retrieve your message quickly and easily. What if you leave your phone at home? You can call your own Vietnamobile phone from any phone and access your message by enter personal password. You can also record and send a voice message directly to other Vietnamobile Voice mail customers, or reply to a voice mail by sending a voice message right back. Now, you don’t have to worry about missed calls anymore

Register/Cancel Service

  1. Register the service: Compose DK VM send to 345
  2. Cancel the service: Compose HUY VM send to 345 
  3. After registration, the caller can leave a voice message to you and you can call to 2828 at any time to listen to your voice mail. Calling to 2828 is free of charge

All Call Greeting

All call greeting is greeting that callers will listen when they access your voice mail

Record Name

Name is used to replace your phone number. Recording a name will help other people easily recognize you


Each subscriber using service has to set a password (including 4 digits). Password is used to access your mailbox from any other phone. 
There are 2 ways to access your mail box from other phone: 

  1. Call: 0923452828 and follow the instruction. 
  2. Call to your own number, while listening your mailbox greeting, press * twice and key in password

AutoPlay Features For New Message

With this feature the system will automatically play your all new messages without going through main menu. AutoPlay feature will save your time when listening messages in your mailbox


Monthly fee: 6,000 VND/30 days


The service will be automatic renewed by end of 30 day cycle