Call Blocking

Call Blocking Service enables subscribers easily blocking unwanted calls to their mobile phones anytime, anywhere through its blacklist feature

Call Blocking

About the service

No Action Syntax
1 To subscribe Basic package (Up to 10 numbers in blacklist) DK CB send to 345
2 To subscribe VIP package (unlimited number in blacklist) DK CB VIP send to 345
3 To activate the call block service CHAN ON send to 345
4 To deactivate the call block service CHAN OFF send to 345
5 To add number to blacklist CHAN send to 345
6 To delete number to blacklist CHAN XOA send to 345
7 To add number to whitelist NHAN send to 345
8 To delete number to whitelist NHAN XOA send to 345
9 To get the assistance HD send to 345
10 To see current list DS send to 345
11 To unsubscribe HUY CB send to 345


  • Basic package: 6,000 VND/ 30 days 
  • VIP package: 9,000 VND/ 30 days 

Remark: The service will be automatically renewed after 30 days