When you cannot grab or want to decline a phone, an auto SMS will send a notification to the caller which contents are: Busy, meeting, driving, eating, in the cinema, sadness, sleeping. For each situation, you also can style your own message


About the service

Action Syntax Sample
To Subscribe Compose: DK TB and send to 345  
To set the notification content Compose: and send to 272 Compose DRIVING and send to 272 to use the notification: I’m driving now. I will call back later as soon as possible. Cheers!
To change notification content Compose: TL and send to 272 Compose TL DRIVING I’m driving. Please call later and send to 272 to change the notification content
To see notification content  Compose: XEM and send to 272  Compose XEM BUSY and send to 272 to see the content of busy notification 
For further assistance Compose: HD and send to 272  
Cancelation Compose: HUY TB and send to 345  


  1. Available for pre-paid numbers, post-paid ones will be supported in the near time
  2. Enable to all Vietnamobile on-net subscribers, disable to all off-net subscribers 
  3. Support when you denied calls or missed calls. If your phone is turn-off or no coverage area, please forward calls to 842727 to use this service


6,000 VND/ 30 days 
The service will be automatically renewed after 30 days