Happy Ring Service

The hottest and lasted updated songs at Vietnamobile Happyring service are extremely promising entertaining the music lovers. Do not forget to use the appealing features of MUSIC BOX to save your favorite songs, add new songs, delete songs or send music to your friends

To Active The Service

Service Mechanism Remarks
Register sysntax Type DK HR send to 345 After registration, a default song will be set as your ring back tone
You can buy songs to change & personalize your ring back tone
Activation Call 2345 After activation you can use all other features of Happy Ring
Purchase song Type MUA SongID send to 2345 Default song will be replaced by new song. Song ID can be found on http://happyring.vietnamobile.com.vn 
Cancellation Compose HUY HR send to 123 Your personalized ringtone will be cancelled

Happy Ring Features

Create your own Music Box to store all your purchased songs. Moreover, you also can add, delete, send the favorite songs to others or customize any song in your Music Box
Please see the Happy Ring features below to find your favorite ring back tone

Feature How to Register (Choose one of this options)
  Send SMS to 2345 Call to 2345 USSD Visit Happy Ring Website Visit Wapsite
Purchase MUA P *145*# P P
Find song code TIM TEN     P  
Enable/Disable   P   P  
Renew Songs RN P   P  
Auto extend AUTO ON P   P  
Cancel Auto Extend AUTO OFF P   P P
Send songs to others TANG < Song code > P *145#OK and follow the guideline P  
Record your song   P   P  
Set a song for others CAIDAT < receive number > P *145#OK and follow the guideline P  
Set a song for a group       P  
Set time to play song       P  
Go to website: http://happyring.vietnamobile.com.vn

Special feature: COPY SONG

If you would like to copy someone else’s ringtone, simply press # key while the song is playing. After that, please open the Music box, you will find your favorite song is automatically added and ready to use

This feature is applicable for Happy Ring subscribers only


Registration Free  
Monthly cost 9,000 VND/ 30 days If your balance is sufficient, service charge will be automatically transferred to daily rate which is 300d/day
Call 2345 400 VND/min Block 6 secs + 1 sec
Send SMS to 2345 Free
Song price Depend on songs Access Happy Ring website for more information
Set time to play song 5,500 VND
Cancel auto extend Free
Other features Equal to song price