Payment Service On Google Play

(Payment without credit card) Payment service on Google Play allows Vietnamobile’ subscribers buy games, applications on Google Play by mobile account (with pre-paid subscribers), or payment receipts for postpaid subscribers. Target customers: Vietnamobile’ subscribers who are using Android operation system. Consumption limitation: Maximum 110,000 VND/subscriber/deal and 660,000 VND/subscriber/month. To use this service, users need to install. No need Internet to recognize subscriber. Then users can buy, download applications by Internet or Wifi.

Tariff and  User guide

1. Tariff:

  1. Tariff is shown for each application on Google Play
  2. Service will be added more 10% tax and payment fee through mobile account

2. User guide:
For details, please visit:

Question and Answer

Question 1
I require postponing for paid application

  1. Customers can require postponing during 2 hours since buying the service. Users can do on mobile phone following user guide.
  2. After 2 hours, users have to directly contact with Google to require postponing. For details, please visit:
  3. All successful postponing requirements will be done during 24 hours. Some special cases need to be clarified information. If during 24 hours customer would not receive any refund money, please contact Customers Service Call Center to be supported
Note: Postponing requirement during 2 hours is just applied for game and application payment on Google Play. No apply for in-game purchase.

Quenstion 2
I have no pay for any application but still be deducted for an application?

  1. Customers can contact Vietnamobile Call Center to confirm whether they buy application on Google Play or not. All deals on Google Play from Vietnamobie’ mobile account will have deal code as GoogleDCB-Billing.
  2. Customers check with friends or family whether they use service or not
  3. If customers confirm there is no one use this service, please contact with Google to check:
  4. Please create password for all deals on your mobile phone to make sure having no unexpected fee.

Question 3
I cannot find payment selection by Vietnamobile’ mobile account.
Usually Google opens for accounts in Vietnam. However in some case, Google can block some accounts due to some reasons. Please contact with Google to

Question 4
I want to block all deals from Vietnamobile’ mobile account on Google Play
Customers can remove payment service through mobile account (as user guide), or create password for Google Play account on your mobile phone.

Question 5
I cannot find deal information on Google Play.

  • All successful deals on Google Play will be announced through email that customers register with Google. Customer can check email for deal information details.
  • Call Center can support to check deal history and announce to customers all paid deals and code deals GoogleDCB-billing and postponing code GoogleDCB-refund.