Vietnamobile commemorates the 1 st anniversary of Vietnamobile Telecommunication Joint Stock Company and inaugurates new Mobile Telephone Switching Office & Data Center
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Hanoi, May 12, 2017 - In the morning of May 11, 2017, at Hanoi Telecom Corporation (Thang Long Avenue), the first anniversary ceremony of Vietnamobile Telecommunications Joint Stock Company has taken place with the presence representatives from Ministry of Information & Communications; Hanoi Department of Planning & Investment and partners. On same day, Vietnamobile also inaugurated the opening of new Mobile Telephone Switching Office & Data Center - marking a major step forward in its network and IT infrastructure expansion to meet the growth of 3G subscribers nationwide

On May 11, 2016, the Prime Minister approved the policy of converting the form of investment from the BCC between Hanoi Telecom and Hutchison into Vietnamobile Telecom Joint Stock Company. Vietnamobile has a busy year with plans to invest and expand its nationwide 3G network with the goal of covering over 90% of the population by Q2/2017.  . The operator has also made efforts to comply with the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications, actively implementing prepaid-subscriptions. In particular, many innovative products and services that focusing on user’s experiences have also been unveiled by Vietnamobile, most notably as Pizza SIM (October 2016), and new M series data packages.

    A major step in the service of expanding and providing the network of Vietnamobile was the inauguration ceremony of another High-Tech MTSO at Hanoi Telecom High Tech Complex. Hoa Lac MTSO complies with Vietnam's highest standards for safety, fire and explosion prevention, electrical shock and voltage neutral maintenance. The material facilities here are provided by world famous brands such as Emerson (USA), Cummin (India), ... All features are for keeping safety for the system as well as for staff working in Data center. Infrared surveillance camera system synchronizes every corner of the center to ensure security and information security for the system as well as for customers, because Vietnamobile are always aware that information security for customers is the priority leading the way to success. The high-speed transmission system is also provided with load-sharing, high availability, enhancing real-time customer experience. Vietnamobile MTSO & Data Center is designed in accordance with the standard of synchronous zones, ensuring the capacity to expand up to 300% - 400% of capacity, ensuring synchronous implementation of services in the economy of digital technology that Vietnamobile is aiming to provide services to customers.

Vietnamobile Mobile Telephone Switching Office & Data Center Opening Ceremony

MIC representatives visit Vietnamobile MTSO & Data Center

Presented at the ceremony, Head of Radio Frequency Division, Ministry of Information and Communications - Doan Quang Hoan said: "The event marked a new development step for Vietnamobile - the operator has a steady step by step development progress. We believe that Vietnamobile will endeavor not only to manage the network and mobile service center, but also to become an advanced mobile operator. With this effort, Vietnamobile will make a worthy contribution to the development of Vietnam's telecom infrastructure, which is increasingly valuable to users. "

In addition, Mr Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications, also attended the event: "After transforming into a joint stock company, Vietnamobile has made impressive progress. This is a very encouraging result of the company's technical staff, showing the seriousness of investment commitments when being licensed telecommunications company. On the other hand, the MTSO and Data Center is a solid foundation for Vietnamobile market development and quality assurance services. With the challenges in the market when there are 3 operators providing 4G services, in the coming time the company needs to standardize investment plans and techniques to provide better services and ensure the market competitiveness. Vietnamobile should take advantage of foreign investors such as Hutchison to bring new technology and services into Vietnam.  

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman of Hanoi Telecom, Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang said: "Right after Prime Minister’ approval decision of transforming the form of investment from the business cooperation contract (BBC) between Hanoi Telecom and Hutchison into Vietnamobile Telecom Joint Stock Company, the network has also actively deployed the establishment and upgrading of the infrastructure to 63 provinces / cities nationwide. Vietnamobile Data Center is the most advanced in Vietnam, for a good foundation to provide the best service quality. That gives good opportunity for Vietnamobile to become the third largest operator in Vietnam by 2019. Vietnamobile has to redefine its value, reform its apparatus and resolve to build a strong network that can contribute to major state programs. "

A representative from Hutchison Telecom Global, Director of Service Development Ms Amy Lung, said, "On behalf of Hutchison, we are committed to invest seriously, putting all our efforts, experiences and dedication closely with Vietnamobile and Hanoi Telecom to operate and complete successfully  projects put into Vietnam in the best way.”

With unceasing efforts, Vietnamobile's General Director, Elizabete Fong, expressed during the ceremony: "We would like to express our sincere thank to the Prime Minister, the leader of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Information and Communications and  other departments, functions with support and guidance during the formation of Vietnamobile Joint Stock Company. Over the past 1 year, we have been working tirelessly to expand our 3G footprint and we target to reach 100% by Q2/2017. In addition, we bring to market the packages, innovative products, bring new experience, interesting for users. We are extremely pleased to hear that the Ministry of Information and Communications just approved Circular #4 adopting a technology neutral policy for all spectrum bands in Vietnam which will help fast adoption of high speed data by the market, making Vietnam one of the fastest growing mobile broadband markets in the world.