[URGENT] Siem Fraud RA Monitor Assistant Manager
Location: Hà Nội
Published date: 2018-03-02 07:13:11

SIEM Fraud RA Monitor Assistant Manager takes care all work relates to SIEM-Fraud-Revenue Assurance-Network Business App Monitor system includes system design to detail script based coding and testing. Supervise and manage the in houses, related vendor based apps development

* Key Responsibilities
- Gather requirement for system development.
- Analyze and design system.
- Follow development policy on coding and security principle.
- Enhance existing systems to streamline the operation.
- Develop new on filling up the gap between system and operation.
- Supervising Ability to manage a team of 2 plus technical staff
- Coordination with Business/Finance teams (marketing, sales, finance..) in ongoing process for revenue assurance, analyses fraud potential.
- Coordination with IT Network/System/Application teams for recognizes problems by identifying abnormalities; reporting violations; Implements security improvements by assessing current situation; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements
- Other duties as and when assigned by Supervisor                                    

* Qualifications & Experience
- University, College degree in Computer Science.
- 3 years script based app development experience.
- 1 years Team leader experience in Telecom IT Operations
- Experience and knowledge in Telco operation (Security & Fraud)

* Knowledge and Skills
- Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills
- Thorough understanding of potential attack vectors such as XSS, injection, hijacking, social engineering, and so on