New Data plan vEasy

Perfect data plan for customers having high demand for using the internet regularly.

Bringing an unlimited capacity (2GB high speed each day), vEasy orientates towards users having high demand for using high data frequently, such as watching films, downloading music, and playing game online.

Therefore, the amount of 3G that consumers use can reach a maximum of 60GB within 30 days with only 50.000VND. When compared to other data plans in the market, vEasy demonstrated its superiority in prices.

Detail policy:

  1. Register: DK vEasy send 345 or *702*2#
  2. Registration fee: 50,000đ
  3. Validity: 30 days
  4. 2GB/day x 30 days. After 2GB, free access with normal speed.
  5. 100.000d for on-net voice/SMS
  6. 2.000d for off-net voi/SMS