Airtime Transfer Service

AIRTIME TRANSFER SERVICE: CONNECTED COMMUNICATION. Airtime transfer service allows prepaid customer (subscriber A) money in his own account to the account of prepaid subscribers on the same network (subscriber B)

Benefits for customers

No registration fee.
No monthly subscription fee.
Customers can share money to friends, relatives simply

Terms and conditions

  1. Subscriber cash (subscriber A) to 2-way operation
  2. Subscribers receive money (subscriber B) can be 1 way-blocked or active
  3. Amount (including service charges) may not exceed the account
  4. To use a money transfer service, subscribers must activate at least 180 days
  5. Versatile SIM is not used money transfer services (both transfer and receive money)
Service Command send to 121 Remark
Registration CT ON - Confirmation & password will be sent to customer via SMS upon successful registration.
- The customer can change new password
Change password DMK DMK <Old Password> <New Password> to 121
Forget password MK New password will be sent to customer and effective after 24 hours
Unsubscribe CT OFF To deactivate service
Transfer money CT CT <Receiver Number> <Money Amount> to 121
Confirm to continue transfer C  
Cancel transfer K  
Airtime Transfer Amount (VND)
Maximum amount transferred in 24h  200,000
Maximum amount per transaction 50,000
Minimum amount per transaction 1,000
Money Unit 1,000
Fee per transaction 2,000 (From 17 May 2014)


Transfered amount and transfer fee will be deducted from transferor’s core balance
Account validity after P2P

  1. For transferor: validity unchanged
  2. For transferee:
+ If in active status: validity unchanged
+ If in S1: 3 extra days for successful transaction